Winter, 2016.

I think the last time I really stepped outside and looked around it was fall, wasn’t it? Crisp in the mornings, sweltering in the afternoon, everything all golden and delicious and inviting. Then I received a package at work marked “Holiday”. And another. And 30 more. And then just as many every day. Open boxes, plan, assemble, bleed, sweat, cry, repeat. Lay awake with mental checklists running faster than I can think, sleep a little. Go to work in the dark, come home in the dark. And then it’s all done – everything I’ve worked for over two months. Step back… marvel… then catch up on sleep and prepare to spend the next six weeks babying all of my creations to keep them looking as perfect as ever.

Visual. Merchandising.

I’m not done with Christmas craziness at work, and won’t really feel like I can breathe again, much less take time for myself, until February. But today was an exception because it SNOWED! Actually, it snowed a bit more last week, but I could barely make time to enjoy it for more than a few minutes that day. Today was scarcely a dusting, but oh, how I love the snow… as I write this it is just over 20 degrees outside and every tiny flake that finds it way to the ground stays right there, a perfect little six pointed welcome gift to winter in typically rainy Seattle. Magic.

I managed to walk my usual neighborhood loop before frost bite set in due to poor clothing choices (Oh right, snow is cold! We don’t get much here, you know). The wetland was quiet, with only a few wrens and one field full of teal and geese for company. Everything crunched under my feet; hoarfrost frozen solid and the ponds 2 inches thick. Snow coated the ice, but left the brown and wilting marsh bare. It is harsh out there, and ugly to some, but I see only magic magic magic.

Light Snow in the Marsh

Frozen Pond

Frozen Stream

I’m thankful for a little snow day, and hopeful that I’ll be back out stomping around soon.






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