A week outdoors |2.13.2016

I have no big adventures to report lately, only little trips outside. I have been challenging myself to reach a higher daily step goal, which has the added benefit of getting me outdoors more on weekdays. Thankfully, the sun is setting a little later now and I can actually see where I’m going on my walks!

Some snippets of my week:

A very full fish ladder | A winter wetland | A washed out bit of path with a kindly placed stepping stone | A northwestern salamander | A very PNW style tree

I hiked Paradise Valley Conservation Area (Maltby, WA) on the weekend, and wandered around the trails of Penny Creek, Nickel Creek, and North Creek (Bothell, WA) after work every day.

The best parts of my walks were the parts I can’t show you in pictures. The still air that is warmer than it has been all winter, the songs of hundreds of birds that were particularly active this week, the smell of wood fires and rain… I love this time just before Spring.

Miles walked outdoors: About 11

Species of note: Northwestern Salamander, Wood Duck, Golden-Crowned Sparrow, Golden-Crowned Kinglet, Hairy Woodpecker.


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